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What Falls Beneath the Surface


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What Falls Beneath the Surface is an ongoing practice that researches the cycles of life and death through freediving dance, poetry and film. We ask: How do we metabolize grief? What are the sources of regeneration that live in the deep? In this underwater journey, we dive into unknown depths where we are seduced by a liminal world, and where the pressure of potential overwhelm demands our immediate presence. It is here, where we begin to learn how to molt and dance with the fears that live beneath the surface.

This collection of film and poetic field notes was written, danced, and recorded in the waters of Mexico and Sicily. The research took us to various depths as we emerged out of the pandemic, a chapter saturated in grief, fear, and uncertainty, and into a birthing place. The work has no beginning and no ending, everything is curved, and the desire fo catharsis fades into a practice that recycles itself.

Twin Moons is a multi-media and process-oriented collective based out of Berlin and the Bay Area. Merging aquatic and somatic practices, we offer spaces that support the development of embodiment within disorientating scenarios. Our research and offering cultivate adaptability, improvisational acuity, and tenacious softness as we learn to navigate a world of growing instability and uncertainty, together.