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When the pandemic hit Chicago in early March, we began talking about how this period of isolation was reshaping our frame of reference. 
The flimsy systems that hold things together seemed to be falling apart. Milk and meat were wasted on midwestern roadsides– revealing the inefficiency and brutality of our broken food system. Videos that capture police brutality went viral as institutional racism was once again held to the light.

We sheltered, cloaking ourselves with masks and gloves, but new perspectives were simultaneously unveiled.

In this landscape we asked each other:

What systems, visible or invisible, become apparent through viral thinking? 

We open Viral Ecologies to transmit thought.

This publication is a multipronged investigation of emergence. Emergence as the process of revelation after concealment. Emergence as small parts of large systems that work together to give rise to diverse patterns. And emergence as the coalescence of new thought.

As systems continue to shift beneath our feet, please explore the dynamic media created by this group of thinkers and makers.


viralecologies@gmail DOT com