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Now accepting submissions for Viral Ecologies #5. Submissions can be visiual art, sound, poetry, essays, research and onward.

Please email viralecologies at gmail dot com work samples (google drive or attachments) and a detailed proposal (250-500 wrds) that speaks about your project. Please include a link to your website if applicable. 

In your proposal, describe how your work will contribute to the network of ideas spun across Viral Ecologies. 



This publication is a multipronged investigation of emergence. Emergence as the process of revelation after concealment. Emergence as small parts that give rise to complex patterns and systems. And emergence as the coalescence of new thought.

We open Viral Ecologies to create connections, transmit ideas, and to embrace the themes that emerge in each iteration.
As systems continue to shift beneath our feet, please explore the dynamic media created by this group of thinkers and makers.


viralecologies@gmail DOT com