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Craft Ecologies : Transportation of Yellow Burdock 

by Clara Fisher

Craft Ecologies is an exploratory exhibition hosted by Viral Ecologies. Through this exhibition,11 undergraduate students from the course Knowledge Lab at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, look closely at the complex systems that bring material into being. 

Yellow Burdock or Rumex crispus is a very common invasive species native to Northern Europe. It is part of the Polygonaceae or buckwheat family and has many uses. Medicinally dock treats digestive issues, liver diseases, and skin irritations. Dock has small amounts of anthraquinone glycosides which is an effective laxative when used in large quantities. Dock is also referred to as a cholagogue because it can trigger a reflux of bile and digestive fluids. Nutritiously, dock holds vitamin C, iron, calcium, and phosphorus. There are many dock recipes including teas, stews, syrup, and more.

Burdock Root Tea (just one of many recipes)

︎8-10 burdock root strips
︎2 cups water
︎1 tsp honey or preferred sweetener

Thinly slice or shred roots and let dry for several hours. After they have dried, roast them until they are golden brown. Place roots in a teapot with boiled water and let step for 2-3 minutes.

Transportation of Yellow Burdock

comprised of from left to right: Yellow Burdock Root View #1, Yellow Burdock Leaf Specimen #2, Yellow Burdock Leaf Specimen #1, Yellow Burdock Leaf Specimen #3, Yellow Burdock Root View #2

5 individual screen prints with Yellow Burdock root and leaf pigments and pencil on rice paper
35 1/2 x 14 inches